Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your Own Personal Version Of A Nightcap

and so you're just standing on your back porch grilling away happy as a clam not exactly sure
what the hell that means with your wife having taken off at dusk for a little downtime at the local library hearing the mother next door going through her daily routine and ritual of hollering at her
monsters who told me she put them in catholic school cause both her and her husband had had
really good experiences jim morrison crooning trailing off through the screen window you forgot
to turn off in your son's bedroom the minister's daughter in love with a snake...while you just
stand there with your pitchfork full of marinade in the air and for some strange reason satisfied and
contented in don't know how long and look up for the first time and the first season losing yourself
in the great big massive deep dense oak just beginning to bend to grow laden with acorns and then
just like everything else in this perverse puzzling and perfectly delicate universe just like the fireflies
and tree frogs just like the crickets and cicadas just like the howling catholic school mother just like
jim morrison it all dies down and start to think is it at all possible you might just be starting to get it
all but know you're in a heck of a lot of trouble once you start thinking that way and know too that is
an absolutely absurd notion and has to be false and there could be nothing further from the truth cause there's really no truth or false to begin with in the first place or even for that matter to fathom or imagine and from a zen-buddhist perspective as well in this empty and hollow and lonesome world there's
absolutely nothing to get at all

the chicken tasted good though...

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