Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On The Subject Of Wind & Fog & Rain


this morning i walked my kid
to his summer school bus
and he asked me daddy

why is it foggy
and i thought
about it a little

and told him i did
not know why
it was foggy

see that
is the great
thing about fog


ways in which
to measure wind
keep front door open

while nursing cups
of coffee in your foyer
watching it flap back and forth

shutting your eyes
and pressing ear up
against screen window

hearing it rush and ripple
through the crabapples distant
trees all the world all the universe


drinking coffee
in the morning
already drained

beside red fish
in blue fishbowl
in the kitchen

and from
behind curtain
of the wilderness

comes the sudden
clap of thunder and
finally alas the rain

turning the lichen & lake
& lagoon brighter
verdant, vibrant

creatures creep
in from out of
the forest

evens out
in the end


always loved
the sound
of thunder

its rumbles
bringing me
straight back

to childhood
to me while i was

camped out
holed up inside
the movie theater


literally coming out
dazed, delicate
to the mist

& feathering
the puddles

of the parking lot
almost an extension
to what you just saw


hong kong gardens
& bowl-a-rama & the bones
of a newly-crashed helicopter

lying in a mangled smoky
heap on the side of the road
returning to your paint-by-number home

stroked in sun
and soaked
by the black

& white
light of slums.

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