Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Not Contemplating On A Bowl Of Fruit #5

and think in casually searching for homes today
out there over the superhighway in the lonestar
state seeing one described as–“beyond perfect”
in a country club like environment, located directly
on the golf course (think it might have even said
something like with–“your own private pristine view
of the third hole”) from all appearances, it seems to me
that every true-blooded american’s dream is to one day live
in a country club community (maybe even gated) directly on the
golf course, i suppose their own personal and private panaromic version
vision of heaven, and don’t know, i guess, can you really blame them? you
will when you find out who your neighbors are going to be for the rest of eternity!

i even got things a little confused and thought it may have
said something like–“calculate your mortality payments”

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