Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Not Contemplating On A Bowl Of Fruit #6

and so it is my candid belief that everyone eventually
somewhere at some point or time in their life is just
trying to get back to the ripe womb and that this
is an instinctive spiritual dynamic subconscious
psychodynamic and whether inherent or simply
just weary and wasted suddenly develop some
kind of natural inclination whether out of want or need
or simply some necessary sort of manifest destiny
and instinctively head towards the heat down south
yet some only make it as far as the carolinas some
in between north and south some even choose believe it
or not cause they want to save and live more economically
mississippi and alabama some to savannah, georgia
hot l'anta and if they get real lucky make it all the way
to the promised land they always dreamed of the sunshine
state of florida preferably ft. lauderdale or boca with a nice
warm safe and secure condo and rules and regulations and
earlybird specials with other old folks and screened in porches
and perfect manicured views planted right over the third and fourth
holes so what was it i had said before about returning to the womb?

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