Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my top 21 ablums awe time kinda in no poticular aughta

doors l.a. woman
grateful dead american beauty/workingman's dead/europe 72 (pick 'em)
pink floyd dark side of the moon
beatles white album
stones exile on main street
carol king tapestry
joni mitchell hejiera
janis joplin cheap thrills
coltrane favorite things
miles davis sketches of spain
marvin gaye what's going on?
the who quadrophenia
bob dylan blonde on blonde/highway 61 revisited/blood on the tracks (pick 'em)
the clash give 'em enough rope/london calling/sandinista (pick 'em)
meat loaf bat out of hell
smashing pumpkins melancholy and the infinite sadness
nirvana nevermind
pearl jam ten
the smiths
david bowie honky dory/the man who sold the world (pick 'em)
tom waits rain dogs

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