Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three Stanzas On Morning



in the morning
rooster crows
through fog

outside window
wilderness has
begun to flutter


Wake Up Call: getting through time

pulling up morning blinds with the smell of chicken and rice
from the night before perfumed garden streaming through
geranium window and muted commercial left up on the tv
having something to do with a weed whacker or maybe
some sort of rice boiler really not sure of course always
for that famous price of $19.95 and can get 2 for 1 or
a whole other 1 for free if you just pick up the phone
within 15 minutes and think hey ain't this the whole
damn hx of america and feel confused and comforted
yet strangely enough ya know really don't mind at all


Crawling Through Time

this morning a massive owl just sat perched on top of our tree house, bulging, muted, contemplative
looking down into the high grass of the deep swamp as though communicating with all the universe.
you still remain the stranger trying to conceptualize and realize it all through the screen door of your
porch. it seems like so many of your friends you grew up with in new york just picked up and moved
out to pennsylvania and not sure why but they all seem to really like it and wish them all the best of luck

you're still looking over your shoulder...

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