Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top 5 Places to Have A Second Home

Turkey, Nice, Prince Edward Island, Cefalu in Sicily, Antiqua

Definition of Eclectic Writer!

You can read Joseph's work just about Anywhere!

Joseph has had works which have appeared or forthcoming in such literary journals as, "Poesy," "Dispatch Detroit," "Falling Star," "Color Wheel," "Bareback," "And Then," "Grafitti Rag," "Main Street Rag," "Bouillabaisse," "Decanto," "Rogue's Scholar," "Poetry Motel," "The Beat," "The Potomac," "Poetry Super Highway," "Panic Brixton Poetry," "Istanbul Literature Review," "The Taj Mahal Review," "Stirring," "Sugar Mule," "Juked," "No Record," "Inscribed," "Glass: A Poetry Review," "CC & D," "Down In The Dirt," "Ascent Aspirations," "Right Hand Pointing," "Why Vandalism?" "The Cerebral Catalyst," "Cause & Effect," "Subtle Tea," "Yippie," "ESC! Magasine," "The Oak Bend Review," "Opium," "Problem Child," "Sein Und Werden," "Denver Syntax," "Paradigm," "Paradigm Shift," "Mad Swirl," "Houston Literary Review," "Words-Myth," "Literary Mary," "Side Of Grits," "Gloom Cupboard," "Motel 58," "Cherry Bleeds," "Poet Works," "Jukebox," "Neonbeam," "Burning River," "Third Wednesday," "The Philosophical Society Of England," "Gold Dust," "The Battered Suitcase," "The Iguana Review," "Spot Literary Journal," "Breadcrumb Scabs, "Semaphore," "The Delinquent," "SALit," "The Wichita Falls Literature & Arts Review," "42 Magazine," "Ottawa Arts Review," "Mirrors Magazine," "Puffin Circus," "The Shout," "Going Down Swinging," "Scawy Munstur," "River Poet's Journal," "The Hudson View," "Shoots And Vines," "The American Drivel Review" "Muton" "Suison Valley Review," "The Stray Branch Literary Magazine," "Unfeigned Coffee Fiend," "Grey Sparrow Press," "A Brilliant Record Magazine," "Beggars & Cheeseburgers," "Viola Beadleton's Compendium," "Low Fidelity," "Blinking Cursor," "Nibble," "Wilderness House Literary Review," "Haggard & Halloo," "Verse Wisconsin," "Audience," "Work Literary Journal" "Gutter Eloquence," "Midwest Literary Magazine," "Front Range Review," "The View From Here," "Kerouac's Dog," "Lowestoft Chronicle," "A Handful Of Stones," "Disingenuous Twaddle," "Black Words On White Paper," "The Plebian Rag," "The Other Herald,"
"Oranges & Sardines," Artists & Writers," "Zocalo Press"' "Brick Road Press" ...

And Also:
“If I Told You To Jump Off The Brooklyn Bridge (Flutter Press), "A Different Sort Of Distance" (Skive Magazine Press), "The Derivation Of Cowboys & Indians" (Poet Works Press), "Escaping Shangrila” (Punkin House Press), "Pain Diary: Working Methadone & The Life & Times Of The Man Sawed In Half" (Brick Road Literary Press) "Obscure Aphorisms Written On A Fine Overcast Day" (Lummox Press)