Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Time More Innocent

when they seemed to just take you hostage on a runway somewhere in the vicinity of north africa with the names of countries you never heard of and the worst that you could say was that they just put a nice scare into you as they'd show them peeking and poking their heads from the portholes of planes and hollering outrageous claims "like i told you i didn't want any sauce on my souvlaki!" and the road runner explosions and threats and ultimateums that never seemed to work and then the action eyewitness news team would show up with their exclusive round the clock coverage of the standoff of a bunch of panicky palestians just trying to take off on foot across the runway like some lame loosey goosey game of ringo leevio and the worst
was that it just proved to be a bit inconvenient like some pink panther version starring the irrepressable
peter sellers playing himself and vice versa and the dictators looked like a bunch of big handsome
sleazy macho gigolos in shiny polyester shirts maybe with the sunglasses and hairy chest and
disco afros like they were getting ready to party and get coked up at studio 54 and try to score
with all the girls in a time when things seemed more innocent and more to hope and dream of

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